[h2]The Academic Year[/h2] The Academic Year Component is comprised of Saturday Enrichment Academy and After School Scholastic Institute The After School Institute is held twice a week at the target schools and supervised by the High School Coordinator. This Institute is focused on academic tutorial, ACT preparation, personal and group advising, and student leadership activities. The Saturday Enrichment Academy provides services that include:

[bullet_list] [item]Academic tutorials[/item] [item]Standardized test preparation[/item] [item]College and career readiness workshops[/item] [item]College tours[/item] [item]Cultural enrichment[/item] [item]Personal and scholastic motivation[/item] [/bullet_list]

Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior cohort seminars during the Saturday Enrichment Academy are designed to assist students will leadership skills, orient them to careers, and assist them in preparation for entry into colleges and universities. The Saturday Enrichment Academies are held on Livingstone College campus. Transportation will not be provided.

[h2]The Summer Program[/h2] The Summer Residential Academy is comprised of a (6) six week Component.

The Summer Residential Component for rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade participants is comprised of the six week academic phase of Upward Bound that is held Monday through Thursday. Students participate in academic classes, electives, tutorials, seminars, career awareness activities, college preparation and financial aid activities, personal and group advising, mentoring, academic advising, and other related experiences Monday through Wednesday, then attend college visits or a cultural enrichment trip on Thursday.

Summer program students will participate in High school curriculum courses during the Summer Program, one of which will be English. We feel that participation in prep coursework coupled with staying in a residence hall on campus will give participants a real taste of college life. All students who plan to participate in the summer program should be prepared to be on campus for the entire program. Students who cannot commit to being on campus or who will miss coursework due to absence maybe be asked to forego the opportunity of Summer Program. Also, please remember that grades, GPA, and student’s behavior may influence UB’s decision of accepting or rejecting applicants for the Summer Program.

Students will go home on the weekend (Thursday afternoon/evening), but will stay on the Livingstone College campus Sunday through Thursday. Transportation will NOT be provided to or from campus, parents will be responsible for dropping off and picking up their child each weekend. Students may also take advantage of public transportation, if applicable.