Robinson Health Center
701 W. Monroe St.
Salisbury, NC 28144

Emergency Contacts:
704-216-6164 - Security Booth
704-433-6997 - Chief Dr. Roberts

Dr. Reginald Roberts
Vice President of Public Safety
Chief of Campus Police

The Livingstone Campus Police Department is dedicated to ensuring that your educational needs are met in a safe and secure environment. Students, faculty and staff at Livingstone College enter an atmosphere that is carefully planned to meet their safety and security needs. We are dedicated and committed to supporting and enhancing the learning process at Livingstone College.

To provide support to the overall mission of Livingstone College. To Support and enhance the learning process. Livingstone Campus Police Department is established to provide quality law enforcement and public safety services to our Livingstone college community focusing on goals, objectives, values and partnerships. To provide protection of life and property; to reduce crime. The partnership between Livingstone College Community and law enforcement will be crucial to the success of this mission. The combination of community involvement and pro-active law enforcement is an important link to insuring the safety to all Livingstone College Community. The mission will be accomplished through reasonable and prudent law enforcement and the quality service to the Student body, Faculty and Staff based upon high ethical, professional, legal, and moral standards.

Safe Campus: A Message from Chief Dr. Reginald Roberts

The Livingstone Campus Police/Security Department takes pride in providing a safe and learning environment for the students, faculty and staff of this great institution. It is our organizational belief that teamwork makes the dreams work. In partnership with the Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department and our college community , we will continue our community-oriented policing approach in addressing crime. We will continue to build relationships in Rowan and neighboring counties to improve safety on our campus.

We shall continue to cultivate relationships with state, local and federal agencies to assure the best measures of safety are being implemented on our campus.


Livingstone Campus Police Department Resources

The Livingstone Campus Police/Security Department assesses risk, develops plans and implements programs to protect lives and property. Our primary goal is to stop or reduce any accidents or incidents from occurring at Livingstone College. It is our goal to provide a quiet and peaceable learning environment for our institution. The various departments to assist in this matter, includes police, security, physical plant, business finance and student affairs. We believe teamwork enables us to effectively and safely provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for everyone that is a part of our campus community.