The Central Access Base (CAB) supports the development, implementation, and ongoing operation of the Success Center, located in Dodge Hall. Our goal is to provide a one-stop center for accessing academic and leadership training and support.

The CAB works closely with academic and staff partners across the campus to integrate learning and leadership, empowering students to become global citizens who lead with a lifelong commitment to service.

For students, the CAB is the place to go when you have no idea where to go to get a problem solved! Visit the CAB for helpful information on campus services, to set up tutoring appointments, or to get assistance from a mentor. The CAB also monitors attendance and academic alerts, and is the point of contact for students seeking to be excused for missed classes (documentation is required).

For faculty and staff, the CAB is involved in the coordination, scheduling and monitoring of services provided by the Success Center and other support services on campus. Faculty and staff referrals for academic, behavioral, or other issues are processed through the CAB office with the support of the Early Alert System.

[h3 style=”text-align: center;”]Contact the Central Access Base Office at (704) 216-6335[/h3]