File_000 (3)The Project

Bridging the Gap in STEM is a strategic approach to attract, enroll and retain gifted students in STEM degree programs that lead to productive careers. In addition the program is designed to strengthen the students’ development so they successfully matriculate to graduation. Through a competitive selection process, selected students will receive tutoring, mentoring, and internship opportunities that accelerate graduation and prepare the student from graduate study in a STEM area.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance academic performance and increase learning gains of STEM students
  • Develop student research abilities in the areas of Biology, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Math education and Engineering
  • Establish pathways that will support the student in pursuing graduate study
  • Engage students in hands-on laboratory experiences through clinical field placements with leading research programs and agencies

The STEM Team

Project Director: Dr. Alexander Erwin
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jacquline Gray
Student Engagement Coordinator: Mr. Micah Griffin
STEM Faculty: Dr. Obafemi Balogun | Dr. Monique Taylor | Mr. Gordon Miller

For more information contact:
Dr. Alexander Erwin – (704) 216-6899
Dr. Jacqueline Gray – (704) 216-6216

This project is being supported through a grant from the National Science Foundation.