Welcome to the Department of Mathematics webpage! The Department of Mathematics is a department under the Mathematics and Science Division at Livingstone College. The Department of Mathematics is committed to serving all students through developing and enhancing analytical and computational skills, preparing future mathematicians for STEM careers, and the preparing math educators. This department works closely with the education department and offers degree programs in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We also offer a minor in mathematics. You can see the current plans of studies for both degrees and full descriptions of the math courses offered here at Livingstone College in our school’s online course catalog.
Division of Mathematics

The Livingstone College Division of Mathematics offers the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in the following areas:

The Department of Mathematics seeks curious students who want explore mathematics! Students are required to have a minimum of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale to be admitted to the Mathematics Program. Students are required to earn a C or higher in all math courses.
With a strong mathematical background, students will not only become conscientious citizens, but will be better prepared for their career choice. The skills that students obtain while pursuing a mathematics degree include critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and problem solving skills. Due to these skills acquired, students are able to cross over into a wide variety of career paths. Students who earn an undergraduate degree in mathematics can choose to start their career immediately or pursue graduate studies or attend professional schools. Some career choices may require stronger backgrounds in other disciplines (minor in another subject or pursue a double major), certifications, or advanced degrees. Students are encouraged to apply for internship opportunities to explore career options. Possible career choices for mathematics majors include: • Engineer • Educator (Primary, Secondary, University levels) • Administrator (School board, Principal, etc.) • Tutorial Firms • Financial Advisor and Analyst • Programmer • Researcher • Actuary • Federal Agencies (IRS, Department of Education) • Accountant • Stock Broker • System Analyst • Bank Employee • Statistical Analyst • Cryptographist • Robotics • Animation • Medicine related fields • Meteorologist • Lawyer
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