Biology Department Advisors

Quality academic advising is very important to the Biology Department and has been shown to enhance students’ academic success and increase graduation rates. Academic advising is available to current and prospective Biology majors at Livingstone College. Biology department faculty members serve as academic advisors and offer beneficial services and information to students. Academic advisors assist with schedule planning, graduation tracking, and career exploration. Advisors also engage in individualized tutoring for students who require extra help to perform at a high level in lecture and laboratory courses. Use the contact information below to contact the appropriate advisor today.

  • Dr. Gerald – Sophomore Class Advisor – – (704) 216-6923
  • Dr. Flowers – Senior Class Advisor – – (704) 216-6249
  • Dr. McAden – Junior Class Advisor – – (704) 216-6115

Biology Resources

The following academic resources below are designed to enhance your academic experiences and overall success at Livingstone College. Click the appropriate icon below to explore the helpful academic resources.

Biology Basics website provides excellent animations and helpful examination review materials on fundamental topics in biology.

The SQ3R reading method will greatly improve your comprehension level as you read your lecture notes and Biology textbooks. Higher retention of information may enhance your performance in class.

PubMed is a highly utilized electronic scientific database. PubMed is an internet-based resource that archives primary and secondary publications in the biomedical sciences and life sciences. PubMed contains approximately 25 million scholarly records that can be accessed from a variety of electronic devices. While many resources on PubMed are free to the general public, many resources are available for a fee.

The Major Field Test in Biology is a capstone examination administered to graduating Seniors in the Spring semester (final semester). Completion of the Major Field Test in Biology is a requirement for graduation in the Biology Department. The Major Field Test in Biology is designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. The nationally comparative test scores allow the Biology Department to evaluate student understanding and application of basic topics in the biological sciences following completion of the undergraduate program. Test scores will also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the biology curriculum and teaching methods employed at Livingstone College.