Tuition and Fees

 Fall 2019Spring 2020Academic Year
Tuition (12-18 Hrs.)$7,958.31$7,958.31$15,916.62
General Fees$1,189.75$1,189.75$2,379.50
Book Rental$200.85$200.85$401.70
Total Tuition & Fees$9,348.91$9,348.91$18,697.82
Room Charge$1,631.01$1,631.01 $3,531.88
Board Charge$1,765.94$1,765.94 $3,531.88
Total$12,745.86$12,745.86 $25,491.72
Note: Single dorm rooms are an additional $600.00 to 800.00 per semester. Additional fees will apply for all Culinary Arts Majors

Culinary Arts Fees

Chef Long Sleeve Jacket$30.90
Bib Apron$15.45
Chef Hat$10.30
Knife Kit$283.25
Lab Fees$154.50
Book Fee$832.24
Note: These fees are one semester charges

General Fees

Athletic Fee$81.69
Health Fee$116.70
Cultural Series$95.19
Student Government$63.65
Student Publications$63.71
General Student Activity$232.00
Tech/Software Fee$536.81
Note: These fees are one semester charges