Master of Business Administration


The School of Business prepares students for successful careers in private business and industry, as well as in the public and non-profit sectors. As the problems of the business world have grown increasingly complex, multi-dimensional, and multi-cultural, the programs are structured to prepare students as business leaders with specialized education to understand and cope with contemporary business issues. Overall, the School of Business aims to create an environment that is congenial to academic excellence, superior achievement, professional development, collegiate inquiry, and community involvement. 


To develop positive interpersonal and leadership skills in Business Administration students.

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The M.B.A. program is specifically designed to attract students and professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in Business, and who desire to advance their careers in business to excel as business executives or successful entrepreneurs. With its curriculum focus on advanced business principles, the M.B.A. program seeks to develop student into leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today’s global business environment. Upon completion of the M.B.A. program, graduates will have increased their business knowledge and broadened their business mindset; expanded their leadership and technical skills; grown their professional network; and boosted their career and salary prospects. Moreover, Livingstone College M.B.A. graduates will distinguish themselves in the workplace, and will stand out it today’s competitive market. 



• MBA 500 – Management Communication 
• MBA 510 – Managerial Accounting 
• MBA 520 – International Business 
• MBA 530 – Marketing Management 
• MBA 540 – Managerial Finance 
• MBA 550 – Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 
• MBA 560 – Applied Economics in Business Decision Making 
• MBA 570 – Legal Environment for Business 
• MBA 580 – Human and Organizational Behavior 
• MBA 599 – Strategic Planning and Competitive Analysis (Capstone) 


• MBA 600 – Supply Chain Management 
• MBA 610 – Advanced Entrepreneurship 
• MBA 620 – Investment 
• MBA 630 – Information Systems for Managers 
• MBA 640 – Project Management 
• MBA 650 – Advanced Human Resource Management 
• MBA 660 – Ethics, Law and The Global Business 

M.B.A. Program Learning Outcomes 

1. Demonstrate an awareness of audience, students will deliver professional quality communications of qualitative and quantitative business concepts in oral and written formats. 

2. Students will use effective collaboration and teamwork skills to coordinate organizational activities and to manage change. 

3. Students will be prepared to become business executives, business leader, and entrepreneurs.

4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical frameworks for management decision-making and leadership. 

5. Students will develop the ability to analyze complex management situations to improve decision-making and increase competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global society. 



Updated: 08/01/2022

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MohammedShariffMBA Program Director / Chair of Business & CIS / Associate Professor of Business & AccountingDivision of
SimonTerrenceAssociate Professor of Business & AccountingDivision of
SharmaR. D.Professor & Dean of the School of BusinessDivision of
SinghNishaAssociate Professor of Business & Economics Division of