The purpose of the Livingstone College Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is to provide information, technical assistance and guidance to faculty and administrative staff as they seek to locate and secure external funding to support research, scholarly and creative activities.

[h4]Responsibilities[/h4] [bullet_list] [item]Provide comprehensive support services for the development, planning and administration of externally funded projects[/item] [item]Enhance the college’s capacity to effectively and efficiently administer sponsored programs[/item] [item]Ensure compliance with award terms and proper stewardship of sponsored funds[/item] [item]Serve as liaison between the College and the funding agency[/item] [item]Protect Livingstone College from unnecessary risks and liabilities[/item] [/bullet_list] [h4]What are “Sponsored Programs”?[/h4]

Sponsored Programs include instruction and training, research or service that is supported by external funds, normally in the form of a grant, contract or cooperative agreement. Such funds are received as the result of a formal communication with the sponsoring agency such as a letter, application or written proposal submitted by an authorized College official through OSPR.

A sponsored program will normally have one or more of the following additional characteristics:
[bullet_list] [item]The sponsor has published guidelines, applications, and/or procedures for requesting support[/item] [item]The use of funds awarded is restricted to support for a particular project or program and expenditures are approved in advance by the sponsor[/item] [item]There is a specified time period during which activities are to be conducted and completed[/item] [item]The award includes specifications for project performance and/or desired outcomes[/item] [item]The sponsor requires, as a condition of the award, programmatic, technical, and/or financial reports, which are subject to external audit[/item] [item]Unexpended funds are returned to the sponsor at project completion[/item] [/bullet_list] [h4]Services[/h4] The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research offers a wide range of services including:
[bullet_list] [item]Preparing, reviewing and submitting grant proposals[/item] [item]Managing a “Resource Center” that provides comprehensive information on funding sources[/item] [item]Providing grant research and writing tutorials[/item] [item]Coordinating internal authorizations[/item] [item]Negotiating award terms[/item] [item]Monitoring expenditures, compliance and reporting[/item] [item]Coordinating award close-out (non-financial)[/item] [item]Documenting project files and retaining records[/item] [/bullet_list]