BSW Field Education prepares BSW students with generalist practice skills. Livingstone College Department of Social Work Field Education curriculum is designed to ensure the integration between the classroom learning experience and direct social work practice. Field Education courses are a vital part of the BSW curriculum, providing BSW students the opportunity to develop generalist practice skills in a supervised setting. These generalist practice skills should include but not be limited to placement in social service agencies; knowledge and engagements with numerous client populations, heightened knowledge of community resources, development of case management, intake and assessment, discharge skills, and consistent exposure to agency client population that provides increasing opportunities to engage in direct and indirect client contact (i.e. counseling and therapeutic work) and participation in community events (i.e. trainings).

All students are to complete 400 hours in the field in order to graduate. Please e-mail if you have any inquiries about field or being a field agency.

The Department of Social Work currently has community partnerships for Field Education to enhance the skillset of our students.

Rowan Helping Ministries
Rowan County DSS
Meals on Wheels Rowan
Families First, Inc.
YMCA Saleeby-Fisher
Olde Knox Commons
Partners in Learning
Smart Start Rowan
Communities in Schools
S& H Youth and Adult Services