The Livingstone  Brand

The Livingstone  College brand is a statement of our shared beliefs and represents our commitment to academic excellence and collaboration in a community grounded in curiosity, integrity, trust, exploration, and lives of leadership and service. It is who we are, what we stand for, and everything we say and do—our brand is our promise.

The Trademark, which depicts the columns of the Price Administration building is our Official Trademark. No other emblems, regardless of its attractiveness or what may seem appropriate, should be used. The Trademark should be used for internal and external documentation, forms, letters, letterheads, postcards etc. exclusively in black or white.

Use: Full-color print or digital projects.

Full-color print or digital projects.

The Mascot for Livingstone is the Blue Bear (formerly the Fighting Blue Bear). The Blue Bear is known and respected for its intelligence, strength and tenacity. This particular logo is primarily used for Athletics and Student related activities.

Use: Full-color print or digital projects.

The Presidential Seal should only be used on formal and official items such as plaques, diplomas, certificates and well as communication from the Office of the President. It should not be used as clip-art or as a design element. Do not place any information on the inside of the seal.



The official colors of Livingstone  College — black and blue — are as much a part of our identity as the price house. Although black and blue are the college’s official colors, communication materials (not the logo) can be designed in any color appropriate for the concept.

Blue Specifications

For Print: 550
For Digital:

cmyk 27 : 8 : 0 : 25
rgb 140 : 176 : 191
hex # 8CB0BF 

Black Specifications

For Print: Black
For Digital:

cmyk 0 : 0 : 0 : 100
rgb 0 : 0 : 0
hex # 000


For information about athletic logos,  and licensing, please contact the Office of Communication &.Public Relations 704.216.6162

Identity Standards

Learn more about our Identity standards, as well as download copies of our official logos.