[column_two_thirds] [h2]What is Upward Bound?[/h2] Upward Bound is a pre-college program for TRIO-eligible students attending high school in Rowan-Salisbury County. It provides extensive academic support that includes weekend and evening activities, a six-week summer residential component, and college-placement services. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rate at which participants complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of post-secondary education.Upward Bound projects provide academic instruction in mathematics, laboratory sciences, composition, literature, and foreign languages. Tutoring, counseling, mentoring, cultural enrichment, work-study programs, internships, education or counseling services are designed to improve financial literacy and college access. Programs and activities are specially designed for students from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in post-secondary education, students with disabilities, students who are homeless children and youths, students who are in foster care or are aging out of the foster care system or other disconnected students.

Other services include:

[bullet_list] [item]Information on the full range of Federal Student Financial Aid programs and benefits[/item] [item]Guidance and assistance on secondary school re-entry, alternative education programs, or entry into general educational development programs or post-secondary education[/item] [/bullet_list] [/column_two_thirds] [column_one_third] [h4]Upward Bound Links[/h4] [box] [link url=”{SITE_ROOT}/academics/upward-bound/upward-bound-programs/”]Programs[/link] [link url=”{SITE_ROOT}/academics/upward-bound/requirements-application/”]Requirements | Application[/link] [link url=”{SITE_ROOT}/academics/upward-bound/events/”]Events Calendar[/link] Tutoring
[/box] [/column_one_third] [spacer] The Livingstone College program serves students from 3 area high schools in Rowan-Salisbury District Salisbury High, North Rowan High and Henderson Independent. The Upward Bound program helps students take advantage of the educational opportunities provided by their high schools and to realize their potential and meet their academic and career goals.

[h2]The Mission[/h2] The mission of Upward Bound is to prepare students for college and lifelong learning; to instill the ideas of achievement in all aspects necessary to succeed collegiately and spiritually. The mission also includes building an atmosphere that enhances positive self-esteem while fostering unity and collaboration. In essence, Upward Bound helps students actualize their full potential.
Participants of the program enjoy various benefits, such as

[column_one_fifth] Academic tutoring
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] College advising
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Career counseling & Internship Experience
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] ACT preparation
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Research experience
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Financial Aid assistance
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Fee waivers for standardized tests and college applications
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Access to colleges and universities
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] A stipend
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Cultural Enrichment Trips
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Increased knowledge, academic skills, and motivation
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Opportunities to lead and serve
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] Services at no cost
[/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] [/column_one_fifth] [column_one_fifth] [/column_one_fifth]
[h2]Upward Bound Staff[/h2] [column_one_third] James E. A. Davis
Assistant Coordinator
[encoded_email_link]jadavis@livingstone.edu[/encoded_email_link] (704) 216-6370
[/column_one_third] [column_one_third] Ruth Jones
Program Counselor
[encoded_email_link]rujones@livingstone.edu[/encoded_email_link] (704) 216-6826
[/column_one_third] [column_one_third] Monica Wilson
Administrative Assistant
[encoded_email_link]mwilson@livingstone.edu[/encoded_email_link] (704) 216-6193