Composers of Honors syllabi are encouraged to include these components:
[bullet_list] [item]A minimum of three readings of pertinent core texts beyond the usual textbooks or regular course readings. Note: A text can be any length and any genre, and may include films, paintings, musical compositions, articles from journals, classic experiments, case studies, etc.[/item] [item]A minimum of one additional reading assignment in the history of the discipline or history of ideas.[/item] [item]A minimum of two essays per course beyond the traditional writing assignments. The writing is expected to be free of error and may include essays, book reports, lab reports, problem sets, etc.[/item] [item]A minimum of two written and/or oral assignments that are parallel with the college’s QEP, Reading.[/item] [/bullet_list] [numbered_list] [item]Recognize different purposes and methods of diverse media, its point of view and tone, and separate one’s personal opinions and assumptions from that of the media.[/item] [item]Evaluate and comprehend the main and subordinate ideas and interpret the media inferentially and literally.[/item] [item]Analyze to effectively illustrate specific knowledge of subject matter.[/item] [item]Discuss outcomes, communicate results, and provide alternative solutions.[/item] [item]Implement a plan demonstrating the ability to organize, select, and relate
ideas and concepts.[/item] [item]Network to formally argue eloquently in a collaborative setting.[/item] [item]Generalize how vicarious experiences in media have kinship with larger
human families, ideas and concepts – across geography and history.[/item] [/numbered_list] [bullet_list] [item]Students should engage in formal research methods by demonstrating the ability to gather information from primary and secondary sources; write using that research, quote, paraphrase, and summarize accurately; and document sources properly.[/item] [item]Students should demonstrate literacy in information technology, advanced library and internet-based skills and research.[/item] [item]Honors courses should emphasize interdisciplinary perspectives whenever possible.[/item] [item]Honors courses should include the use of technology instructional strategies.[/item] [item]Honors courses should be attractive to students and academically rigorous.[/item] [/bullet_list]