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Freshmen move in, get tested

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SALISBURY – Excited freshmen brought life onto the campus of Livingstone College Friday as they moved into their new homes for the next nine weeks. It’s been five months since the college hosted students in person due to the global pandemic and the energy was contagious. A deejay at the hospitality tent gave rhythm to the cadence of activity as more than 100 students facilitated a streamlined five-step registration process. “The process has been smooth,” said Dr. Tony A. Baldwin, enrollment manager and associate vice president for the operations of Student Affairs. “We have not heard one complaint from parents. In fact, they have said we are doing a great job in moving students in and out.” In addition to a fast-track registration process, students and their parents were allowed only 30 minutes to unload luggage and other belongings into the residence halls to minimize public contact and social gathering. Donning their own masks, students were also presented Livingstone branded COVID-19 kits, which contained five reusable masks, hand sanitizer and an ID badge. And in accordance with the school’s screening protocol, everyone who entered campus received a temperature check by an officer of public safety. “I feel like you guys have over prepared,” said parent Theresa Tudor, whose daughter Ronee is a student-athlete on the track team. “You all probably won’t run into the issues these other schools have had that went back in August, so I feel very confident that she’ll be fine.” Parent Karen DeLoatch, whose daughter is …