Grade Appeal Process

Every student has the right to appeal a grade that he or she believes is inaccurate or unfair. The student must follow the following protocol to appeal the grade: 1. The student will file a formal written complaint with the instructor who taught the course, explaining why he or she believes the grade is inaccurate or unfair. The student will then make an appointment with the instructor to discuss the complaint. This complaint must be formally submitted within thirty (30) days after the grade is issued. 2. If the student meets the instructor and continues to believe that he or she has sufficient evidence to show that the assigned grade was inaccurate or unfair, the student will provide his or her advisor with a copy of the formal complaint, and then the student’s advisor, the student, and the instructor will meet to resolve the matter. 3. If the student meets with the instructor and the advisor and still continues to believe that he or she has sufficient evidence to show that the assigned grade was inaccurate or unfair, the student will provide the department chair under whom the instructor works with a copy of the formal complaint, and then the department chair, the student advisor, the student, and the instructor will meet to resolve the matter. [info_box]If the grievance is still not resolved, the same procedure moves up the chain of command to the division chair, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and finally to the President. The grievance …

Division of Mathematics & Science

MATHEMATICS & SCIENCELocation: 701 W. Monroe St. Salisbury, NC 28144Raven-Latrice HowieAdministrative Assistant704-216-6137rhowie@livingstone.eduDawn B. McNair, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Research Dean, Division of Mathematics and Science 704-216-6802 dmcnair@livingstone.eduMathematicsScience▸Department of MathematicsWelcome to the Department of Mathematics webpage! The Department of Mathematics is a department under the Mathematics and Science Division at Livingstone College. The Department of Mathematics is committed to serving all students through developing and enhancing analytical and computational skills, preparing future mathematicians for STEM careers, and the preparing math educators. This department works closely with the education department and offers degree programs in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We also offer a minor in mathematics. You can see the current plans of studies for both degrees and full descriptions of the math courses offered here at Livingstone College in our school’s online course catalog.▸Department of BiologyWelcome to the Biology Department at Livingstone College. The mission of the Biology Department is to provide students with a world-class education and academic experiences designed to prepare undergraduate students for science and engineering careers and advanced studies. In general, Biology is the study of the structure, function, and development of living systems and encompasses many subdisciplines and investigative techniques. The caring and committed Biology Department faculty and staff work diligently to: Provide a sound scientific background for those who will enter entry-level positions in biology and for students who plan to enroll in graduate school, medical school, and other health professional schools. Provide hands-on laboratory experiences and research training experiences. Assist in the development …

Center for Holistic Learning

“The Total Learning Environment” is a new holistic approach to academic preparation, whereby we will create a learning environment designed to change attitudes and modify student behavior.


Livingstone College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the baccalaureate degree.


The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for all aspects of student life and welfare on campus. The Division is also responsible for establishing policies and procedures affecting student life and conduct.

Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs exists for the purpose of promoting comprehensive programs that advance the general interest and progression of Livingstone College and its alumni.


There are several opportunities for you to Give. You have the ability to give online through our trusted and secure site. Along with the Pledge Form, listed below are some ways in which you can help Livingstone College financially by “Defying the Odds” and taking it to the next level: Academic Scholarships: Undergraduate scholarships are forms of aid that help students pay for their education. Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be repaid. Livingstone College provides the Presidential Scholarship and Livingstone College Honors Scholarship. You can also establish a scholarship that our development team will be glad to assist you in creating. With your donation for scholarships, it will allow our students to pay for part of their tuition, room and board, institutional fees, books, supplies, computers and much more. Corporate and Foundation Relations: Livingstone College and its success in developing strategic relationships with corporations will help prepare our students for the continuously growing global community. The Corporate and Foundation Relations serves as the central point of contact for corporate and foundation philanthropic engagement with Livingstone College. Brick Initiative: Livingstone College is excited to offer you a very tangible opportunity to leave a legacy by purchasing a personalized brick that will become a permanent part of the campus. Your brick will be included as part of the foundation upon which the Livingstone Blue Bear will be mounted when it is moved to the campus’ front lawn. The cost to purchase a brick with an inscription is $125. You …

Academic Affairs

The mission of the Division of Academic Affairs is to provide academic programs that are characterized by pedagogical competence. Instruction encourages the development of critical and analytical skills that prepare students for continued life-long learning in today’s competitive global workplace.

About Livingstone College

Livingstone College was originally founded as Zion Wesley Institute by a group of A.M.E. Zion ministers for the purpose of training ministers in the Cabarrus County town of Concord, North Carolina in 1879.