About Livingstone

Livingstone College was founded as Zion Wesley Institute by a group of A.M.E. Zion ministers for the purpose of training ministers in the Cabarrus County town of Concord, North Carolina in 1879.

After three brief sessions, directed by principals Bishop C. R. Harris and Professor A.S. Richardson, the Institute ultimately closed in Concord. In 1881, Dr. Joseph Charles Price and Bishop J. W. Hood changed their roles as delegates to the Ecumenical Conference and became fund-raisers with the mission to re-establish Zion Wesley Institute.

The Rowan County town of Salisbury, just 20 miles northeast of Concord, gave the Trustees a generous donation of $1,000 and an invitation to relocate the school in Salisbury. They accepted both gifts, and the College re-opened in Salisbury in 1882 with Dr. Price as President. The new site was J. M. Gray’s farm called Delta Grove, which consisted of one building and 40 acres of land.

Our Founder

Dr. Joseph C. Price (1854--1893)

Few Individuals have made the impact on their times or left the legacy to their beneficiaries as did Joseph Charles Price, founder and first president of Livingstone College.

Born February 10, 1854 at Elizabeth City, NC, he rose to fame and world renown as a scholar, Christian Gospel Preacher, orator and shining example of selflessness in devotion to his people.

Here Dr. Price so excited and thrilled the people assembled until he was persuaded to remain in England and speak on behalf of the fledgling school the denomination had adopted through the General Conference. While in England he raised $10,000 for the college and returned in 1882 to embark upon the task of establishing and securing the institution.

Dr. Joseph Charles Price (1854-1893) was the founder and first President of the college. A brilliant scholar, great Gospel Preacher, world-famous orator, and advocate for the common man, Dr. Price sought to educate the whole man; his hands, his head and his heart.

During his ten years as President of the college, Dr. Price attracted students, friends and funds through the sheer power of his personality and Christian compassion. His great faith and hope for the future has been epitomized in this famous quotation of his: “I do not care how dark the night; I believe in the coming of the morning.”

Dr. Price served the college until his death in 1893, refusing positions of great prestige and attractive salaries to devote his life and energies to the college. He demonstrated faith in his people, and called upon all to seize the opportunity to contribute toward elevating the black man through generous support of educational enterprises. Three of Dr. Price’s grandsons survive him: Dr. Price S. Braithwaite of Los Angles, California, Mr. Charles P. Sherrill of Salisbury, North Carolina and Dr. Richard Sherrill of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The annual observance of Founder’s Day in our churches not only honors his memory, but provides us the opportunity to join in perpetuating his work by supporting Livingstone College.

Our President

On February 8, 2006, the Livingstone College Board of Trustees named Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr. the school’s 12th President. A longtime educator and administrator, Dr. Jenkins was chosen from among five finalists.

Dr. Jenkins most recently served as President of Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Florida from 1997 to 2005. During his tenure, the College expanded its faculty and broke ground on its first new building in decades while reducing its debt from $8.5 million to $500,000 in three years and growing its enrollment from 300 students to 1,300 students. Recently, Edward Waters named this new building after Dr. Jenkins as a tribute to the tremendous progress made under his leadership.

Prior to his tenure at Edward Waters College, Dr. Jenkins served as a chancellor of Elizabeth City State University from 1977 to 1995, becoming the first alumnus to serve as its Chief Executive Officer. While there, he secured the support of the State Legislature of North Carolina for construction of six major buildings on campus. He also launched a $5 million capital campaign, completing the fundraising a year ahead of schedule. He was honored to have the then newly constructed Science Building named in his honor.

Dr. Jenkins earned a Bachelors degree in Biology from Elizabeth City State University, teaching certification in Biology from Howard University, and a Masters degree and Doctorate degree in Biology Education from Purdue University. He is married to Dr. Faleese Moore-Jenkins, and they have three children: Dr. Lisa Lopez, Attorney Ginger Cartwright, and Jimmy Jr., a graphic artist and college lecturer.

Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr. (2007 - Present)

Board of Trustees

NameBoard TitleOccupation
Bishop George E. Battle, Jr.ChairmanSenior Bishop, A.M.E. Zion Church, Presiding Prelate, Piedmont Episcopal District
Bishop Kenneth MonroeVice ChairmanPresiding Prelate, Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District
Bishop W. Darin MooreTreasurerPresiding Prelate, Mid-Atlantic Episcopal District
Bishop Michael A. Frencher, Sr.SecretaryPresiding Prelate, South Wester Delta Episcopal District
Bishop Seth O. LarteyAssistant SecretaryPresiding Prelate, Alabama-Florida Africa Episcopal District
Dr. David A. Aiken, Sr.MemberSecretary-Treasurer A.M.E. Zion Church, Zion Benefits Services
Mr. Nigel AlstonMemberMotivational Speaker
Mr. Warren H. Arrington, Jr.MemberPresident - LCNAA, President/CEO - American Safety Products
Att. Joel G. BowdenMemberJoel G. Bowden Law Offices, Greensboro, NC
Rev. Dr. Kathryn G. BrownMemberSecretary, Christian Education Department, A.M.E. Zion Church
Bishop George D. CrenshawMemberPresiding Prelate, Central Southern Africa Episcopal District
Bishop Hilliard DogbeMemberPresiding Prelate, Western West Africa Episcopal District
Bishop U.U. EffiongMemberPresiding Prelate, Eastern West Africa Episcopal District
Dr. James R. Gavin, IIIMemberPresident CEO/Chief Medical Officer Healing Our Village, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine
Mr. Herb GrayMemberCEO of Life Enhancement Services, Charlotte, NC
Bishop Mildred B. HinesMemberPresiding Prelate, South Atlantic Episcopal District
Mr. Robert "Bob" MarshallMemberSmall Business Development Leader
Community Banking, Wells Fargo, McLean, VA
Dr. Larry D. Melton, L.U.T.C.F., CSAMemberInsurance Sales
Bishop Staccato PowellMemberPresiding Prelate, Western Episcopal District
Bishop Dennis V. ProctorMemberPresiding Prelate, North Eastern Episcopal District
Mr. Terrell RichardsonMemberPresident, Student Government Association
Dr. Richard Rolle, Jr. MemberOral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Bishop Darryl B. Starnes, Sr.MemberPresiding Prelate, Mid-West Episcopal District
Dr. Amy SusongMemberPresident, Faculty Assembly
Reverend Dr. Dwayne WalkerMemberPastor, Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Shirley WelchMemberChief Financial Officer, A.M.E Zion Church


Bishop Warren M. Brown

Bishop George W. Walker, Sr.

Attorney Ervin Wilkins


NameYears Served:
Dr. Joseph Charles Price1882-1893*
Dr. William Harvey Goler1893-1917
Dr. Daniel Cato Suggs1917-1925
Dr. William J. Trent, Sr.1925-1958**
Mr. John H. Brockett, Jr.1957-1958
Dr. Samuel E. Duncan1958-1968
Dr. Victor Julius Tulane1968-1969**
Dr. F. George Shipman1969 and 1982
Dr. James W. Young1982-1983**
Dr. William H. L. Greene1983-1987
Dr. Ozell K. Beatty1988
Dr. Bernard W. Franklin1989-1995
Dr. Roy D. Hudson1995-1996**
Dr. Burnett W. Joiner1996-2000
Dr. Albert J.D. Aymer2000-2001**
Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman2001-2004
Dr. Catrelia Steele Hunter2004-2006
Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr.2006-Present

* Denotes Founder
** Denotes Interim President